9 things to do to prevent potential home risks to children

9 things to do to prevent potential home risks to children

Prevent potential home risks to children. You’ve heard the saying “our lives will change after childbirth” that both personal life and home. Especially with the house that’s going to be back in the way, it’s going to take years. Because the house is the first place for children to use it as a learning space to practice what they can play and what should not be naughty. We wouldn’t recommend moving every item we have out of the house just because you have a baby or are close to giving birth, be prepared for safety to prevent any unexpected events that may occur.

4 things you need to increase home security

1. Finger injury prevention equipment is easy to install. Simply attach it to the door, and it can be easily accessed, and there are accessories for doors that are thinner than usual.

2. Doors prevent children from entering different areas can help reduce harm to children by preventing them from entering the kitchen near the hot stove, etc. To prevent children from getting hit by a pinch cabinet.

3. Rubber on the edge of the table should be attached to the corner of the table to prevent the ball from hitting or bumping. In case of having a sheet of glass placed on the table, it should be temporarily moved out to another place until the ball grows.

4. Bookshelves and drawers with wall mounted clothes as furniture is easily upside down. When you climb, it can be easy knocked over.

9 things to do to increase home security

9 things to do to increase home security

1. When purchasing children’s equipment, It should be standardized, such as beds, swings, trolleys, should study various informations to guide the selection of standardized children’s equipment and supplies that are designed and tested for the safety of children.

2. Keep the wires and small objects That the child can swallow down the child’s throat. The child will itch his gums and want to bite everything he can grab.

3. Keep clean products that are usually Brightly colored and fragrant out of reach of children, as they do not understand the difference between juices and cleaners, so keep them out of reach of children before unforeseen events occur.

4. The windows Should have a tightly locked lock to prevent children from falling from the building. In addition, children’s beds or other furniture should not be placed near open windows, as children may climb and fall into buildings.

5. Do not leave the child alone On the changing table. Because the child may roll down or gently move to the edge of the table.

6. Control the temperature of the water heater That the ball can turn on and off on its own to prevent scalding hot water, which can create pain, especially for the delicate skin of the child.

7. Heavy-weight pillows and blankets Should not be used on children’s mattresses. The best blanket should be the only large one that can hold the hem under the cushion. It is safer than using multiple blankets that may wrap children.

8. Tie the rope for pulling The curtains shorter and out of reach of children.

9. Incense and dried flowers Should be kept out of reach of children. Oils and chemicals are the same because they are toxic substances, but children may think of them as sweets.

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