Anti aging for dogs, our pets to live longer.

Anti aging for dogs, our pets to live longer.

Today, there are many innovations in caring for our pets to live longer. whether it is food management Better pet health care programs, vaccinations, flea or infectious disease control. making the current average lifespan of pets is longer. In veterinary practice, anti-oxidants are widely used. By adding it to your dog’s food, it helps to keep the food fresh for longer. And there are studies on many other properties such as enhancing the body’s immune system.

there are many innovations in caring for our pets to live longer.

Cells responsible for the body’s immune system are normally very susceptible to free radicals. Supplementation with antioxidant nutrients strengthens immune system cells in many animals. including dogs and cats. The anti-oxidants added to dog food include vitamin E, vitamin C, vitamin A and omega polyunsaturated fatty acids, etc.

Vitamin E is an essential vitamin for the dog’s body. It must be obtained only from food, since the dog cannot synthesize itself in the body. In the production of feed, the National Research Council(2006) set a minimum amount of vitamin E that animals should receive per day.

The minimum level of vitamin E in a diet that is standardized is not less than 22 IU/ kg of food when using dry weight of food under the condition that the diet must contain selenium 0.1 ppm and fatty acids linoleic acid not exceeding 1%.   It also has benefits for the skin. It has been found that increasing levels of vitamin E in foods is associated with increased levels of vitamin E in the skin, which improves the skin’s regeneration process.

It has been studied in dogs with skin allergies. It has been found that in dogs with allergies, vitamin E concentrations in the bloodstream are lower than normal healthy dogs, and studies have shown that taking vitamin E supplementation can help reduce itching and help reduce inflammation of the skin.

As for vitamin C, the dog’s body can be synthesized on its own in normal conditions. The function of vitamin C is that it is also an antioxidant. But plays an important role in the process of collagen synthesis in the body, and there have been many studies that use vitamin C to treat it, helping to prevent white blood cells from being destroyed by free radicals and allowing white blood cells to better store foreign bodies. If vitamin C is given at high doses, it can help against cancer. It can help reduce the risk of developing cancer of the stomach. Oral cancer and lung cancer

In addition, studies on antioxidants are not only in the group of older dogs. In general adult dogs have also been studied for their effects on antioxidant supplementation. The group was added to antioxidants including vitamin  E and aminothic acids into their diets, and dogs who received regular food, conducted an 8-week feeding experiment. Therefore, some brands of dog food have been supplemented with antioxidants in hopes of benefiting dogs, as mentioned above.

Veterinarians at cardiovascular clinics, urology clinics and diabetes clinics, small animal hospitals, say of supplementing such nutrients:

“The right amount of antioxidants are beneficial for dogs of all ages and are relatively safe, including reducing inflammation, slowing down degeneration and improving immune responses, and nowadays these substances have been used to treat many diseases, including dementia, arthritis or dermatitis, so it is widely used in both normal and diseased animals.”

Pet Communications Manager  Thailand Inc. added,  “Antioxidants are very important because they can strengthen immunity, especially in puppies, and also help slow down the degeneration of cells and organs in older dogs and older dogs. For this reason, the veterinarian who co-invented the recipe.  IAMS is an antioxidant supplement to ensure that all dogs receive adequately to keep them healthy and healthy every day.”

Of course, there are many different nutrients, many of which are useful for our pets. Both the anti-oxidant supplementation in the body is mentioned above. Taking prebiotic supplements or other vitamins to strengthen immunity and nourish systems in the pet’s body. therefore, a thorough study of the right food choices is one of the factors that owners can easily do to take care of their pet’s health. read more axieast